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Marcia Binder-Schmidt

Marcia Binder-Schmidt

Marcia Dechen Wangmo, AKA Marcia Binder Schmidt is renown Buddhist translator, editor and writer. Marcia is a  publisher of her own imprint, Rangjung Yeshe Publications (www.rangjung.com). She compiled one book The Dzogchen Primer for Shambhala, 2002, and Dzogchen Essentials, 2004 and Quintessential Dzogchen 2006 under her own imprint.

Together with Erik Pema Kunsang, they established Rangjung Yeshe Institute. Rangjung Yeshe Institute has been dedicated to offering educational and practice support for practitioners and scholars of Tibetan Buddhism. Since its inception in 1981, Rangjung Yeshe Institute has held seminars and retreats around the world for thousands of students. In 1986 as an offshoot of this Institute, Erik and she created Rangjung Yeshe Publications. They have translated and produced over sixty two titles, seven of which Shambhala Publications has handled. (See the attached book list). Rangjung Yeshe Publications have been translated into thirteen different languages and five of these titles were made available through Rupa Publishers to the Indian market. [see * below]

Excerpts from and reviews of their books have been featured in magazines such as Shambhala Sun, Buddha-dharma and Tricycle.

Other branches of Rangjung Yeshe Institute that Marcia has been instrumental in include expansion of Rangjung Yeshe Institute to include a more scholastic approach. She helped found an institute of Buddhist Studies, which offers a B. A and M.A. degree in language and philosophy. Finally, she has helped to develop retreat centers and study groups all over the world.

Her most recent book is Confessions of a Gypsy Yogini

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Learn, contemplate, meditate

Assimilation of the Truth into our life begins with the initial stages of study and analysis. Later, we contemplate this information, and as we become more accustomed and adapted to it, we will develop our understanding through meditation.