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Christian Meier

Christian Meier

Regular meditation practice since 2008; working in communications, owner of an advertising agency

Sunday, 13 March 2011 14:08

A treatment at the dentist

Just now, I had a treatment at the dentist. To be exact, it was one long treatment in two steps on two days. It was one of those really unpleasant treatments, opened by a countless number of injections all over the mouth, followed by horrible noises and massive mechanical interaction during which the little snatches of pain arriving at your nerves give you a glimpse of what it would feel like if you wouldn't have a tea cup of anesthetics inside your gums. So in one phrase: the whole program of experiences that make those visits at the dentist a nightmare for 9 out of 10 people.

But this time it was different. Or, it was the same but it felt completely different. Why? Because I had made a decision before.

It´s not any brick wall, it´s the one outside my window. It not only limits the little backyard, it limits my view. And, although I sometimes maybe tend to be a little strange, I would be lying if I would say that this is the most fantastic view I can think of. I would definitely prefer the view on a nice landscape, preferably some nice gentle hills with the ocean or a big lake behind.

Of course, in the beginning my mind told me “what an ugly, limiting wall, what a miserable person you are that you cannot afford a flat with a nicer view!” But then, with time, being confronted with that wall anyway when sitting on my sofa, I made peace with it. And it became a teacher for me.

Wednesday, 09 February 2011 22:38

My favorite meditation place.

This is my meditation cushion. On my meditation blanket. Of course, there are many other places, where I can meditate, but this is my favorite one. My cushion has served me now for some years, it has accompanied me to some really special places and it has somehow the “meditation energy” within itself. And it kind of adapted to my bottom, almost like a part of me, with just the right filling and height and everything.

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