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Christian Meier

Christian Meier

Regular meditation practice since 2008; working in communications, owner of an advertising agency

I work in an environment, where there has to be a lot of interpersonal and group communication. In fact, the whole aim of our work is to communicate FOR our clients. So one would assume that me and my colleagues are kind of masters in communication – whether in written or spoken word, by visual or auditory means or whatsoever. Nevertheless it is fascinating to be witness of how rarely communication works, even in the most basic daily business.

Sunday, 29 April 2012 14:24

Love and Insecurity

Not long ago, I fell in love with a beautiful woman. Gently, we became a bit closer. She rejected me, right at the moment, when I was SURE that we had just opened up for each other, and I thought I could FEEL the love she also had for me. At first, my mind reacted with complete disbelieve. It told me that this must be some kind of error. Something within her must have closed down, she might be just not able to face the love and affection for her. When the rejection was confirmed, it really hurt. I was left with the pain of feeling cut off something really precious. And I couldn’t escape facing some of my deep-rooted believes around love and relationship. Which turned out to be a great opportunity for development.

This is the second part of a “series” that started last August. Thank god (or whoever is responsible) that I didn’t become a professional series writer, with this kind of discipline I probably wouldn´t be very successful.

Last time, it was about impermanence on the level of money. (As I’m still writing about the same business, you can guess that the tides of impermanence created SOME balance on the bank account, at least so far.) This time, it is about accepting impermanence on the level of people, of working relationships. Which can be quite challenging.
Thursday, 19 January 2012 01:18

Will I dare to live up to my full potential?

Recently I had some ideas and insights – partly based on personal experiences I can’t share in public – that I thought might be worthwhile to write a few lines about. I basically became more aware of how stubborn my behaviour and my thinking is, how much I hold on to procedures and static opinions or viewpoints. Which prevents me from living my potential. Which is the whole point about meditation, isn’t it?

Saturday, 13 August 2011 22:01

Meditating in the red

It is an ordinary Wednesday morning, I'm just arriving at my agency. Park the car, go upstairs, say hello to still somewhat sleepy colleagues on the way to my room. Wake up the screen and sign in to online banking. Like most of the mornings.
SHOCK! Red numbers. BIG red numbers, right in front of me on the screen, and it´s MY business account. Nothing to interpret, nothing to reconfirm, this is a matter of fact - the account is not only in the red, it's close to its limit. And it's only a few days until salaries have to be paid. In plain language: big problems ahead.

Sunday, 24 July 2011 22:58

A world full of opportunities

7:35 h Sunday Morning, Montpellier Airport. I am on my way back from that very intensive meditation retreat with Sogyal Rinpoche. Sitting in a cafė in the check-in hall, an advertising banner, hanging from the ceiling, catches my eye. HSBC, one of the largest banks worldwide, tells me: "Pakistan is the world's second largest exporter of textiles." And then: "We see a world of opportunities. And you?" Without even thinking about it, the answer pops up in my mind right away: Yes, I see a world full of opportunities!

Sunday, 19 June 2011 18:15

All places lead to one place

I just finished reading „In the Shadow of the Buddha“ by Matteo Pistono. It´s a fascinating book about a nearly decade-long pilgrimage through Tibet, on the footsteps of a great master of the past. And it’s also a detailed description of the author´s inner journey, a journey through the various levels of meditation.

After 8 years of sometimes dangerous travels, Matteo arrives at the last sacred place that his teacher had told him to go to – and finds a completely devastated, “empty” and abandoned place at the end of the world. Right there, with all his expectations being crashed, he has a fundamental insight.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011 10:00

Meditation Really Is Compassion

Developing attention, a step towards compassion?

In the West, we often think that it is simply selfish to be sitting on a meditation cushion. There is so much suffering in the world, how can meditation be of any use to help relieve it?

In this TED talk, Daniel Goleman shows how developing our mindfulness and attention is such a key step towards compassion (see also Erric's post from 28 April).
Daniel is the author of the ground-breaking books Emotional intelligence and Social Intelligence as well as speaker at the Mind & Life Conference and at The Wisdom of Awareness
 Understanding the mind and transforming the heart through meditation, love and compassion retreat led by Sogyal Rinpoche and Tsoknyi Rinpoche.

You may have experienced that meditation develops our attention and care towards our own body and mind, well the good news is that it will also develop develop our attention and care towards others. And it can work whether stories of the Good Samaritan did it for you or not.

I was born and raised in Bavaria. Yes, I know, everybody around the world who´s ever heard of that place, now thinks of Sauerkraut, Beer, Oktoberfest. (If you did think of something else, you are probably also Bavarian.) In fact, that´s all true. It´s also true that it´s a really wonderful part of Germany with huge mountains and romantic hills, lots of lakes and rivers, and in some ways I miss it. And it´s also very Roman-Catholic, nowadays, and definitely when I lived there.  That´s why  my spiritual path began as a pioneer in “What a Roman Catholic mass really can be”.

Gaps fascinate me. They have a great and completely underestimated potential. They separate things, they are the space between. One could even say that it would be really difficult to distinguish anything, to say where one thing ends and another starts, without gaps. And the interesting thing about them is that they do not only separate physical objects, but also mental "objects". And that's where they become really relevant for meditation.

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