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Ian Ives

Ian Ives

I've been seriously addicted to Buddhist philosophy and practice for over 15 years.
Originally from Oregon in the USA, I studied international relations and modern dance at the University of Washington in Seattle, but finding little desire to become a lawyer or work for the UN, as well as a complete lack of coordination in Dance, I found my way to the Lerab Ling Institute for Wisdom and Compassion in the south of France and also to a study college college for Buddhist philosophy in Nepal (the Rigpa Shedra). Both are part of Rigpa, the spiritual organization under the guidance and inspiration of Sogyal Rinpoche, whose practical and loving wisdom I do my best to follow.
I've been a full time student and volunteer in Rigpa for the past five years, mainly in the area of writing, but do a little bit of instructing in meditation and Buddhist philosophy as well. I currently call planet Earth my home, and my office an aging Dell Laptop.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011 04:10

What is Your Mind Like?

A few weeks ago I travelled to South Asia to investigate something I know very little about:

My own mind.

After a couple long flights and a dusty taxi ride, I arrived at a small retreat center in Nepal. In no time I discovered that the internet has indeed made its way to every corner of the globe and that I could still get online. So with great excitement I checked e-mail, BBC World News and half a dozen other sites including, of course, the latest college basketball scores. However, after an hour or two, I remembered my mission, closed facebook and skype, shut my computer, and sat down…for quite a while.

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