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Sometimes I feel like my life is spent in a dark, smoky, crowded, and noisy nightclub and that I’ve forgotten that there’s a door that’s always open if I choose to leave.

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Tuesday, 20 December 2011 08:25

Using Technology to Help You to Meditate

The topic of how to use and integrate meditation into our lives has been discussed on this site and addressed in a number of great posts.This post answers one question that comes up a lot; "How do I remember to meditate?" "How do I remember to practice, to do short sessions during the day?" Glad you asked.
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Remember those “aha” moments you’ve had in the past? Maybe they’ve been moments of clarity about something that you said in a discussion, or perhaps you were struggling to make a decision about your career and a different, unique and creative idea sprang into your mind.

While many of my formal meditation moments may be focused on working with remaining in the present moment and resting, as best as I can, in a state of non-distraction, without altering my mind, there are times when I’m suddenly presented with an idea worth noting or taking down for use later on, after my session is over. And, sometimes these ideas are more than just worth noting, they’re actually pretty darn good insights – they’re AHA moments!

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