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Erric Solomon

What Meditation Really Is During the Day

I try my best to do at least two sessions of meditation every day. I start in the morning before my new IPAD 2, email, the news, wife and even my “no I am not addicted” life giving cup of joe begin to stake claim to my day.  I usually do another one just before dinner, while there is still enough life left in me that my practice doesn’t become merely an exercise in sleeping while sitting upright.

But what about rest of the day in between? Now we even have studies that say living in the present makes you a happy jack and happy nuns outlive grumpy ones and we aren’t even going to mention the ultimate goal of complete ENLIGHTENMENT! For years, as my session ended, I left my cushion and then my meditation right there next to it. But I started to think that as I go about my day, I should be able to recall the sense of presence, the nowness  free of my normal inner tape loop, the state of non-distraction that I discovered through meditation. Even while Andy Fraser watches soccer.

In the beginning I had to be satisfied with simply remembering to remember even though i didn’t actually remember anything. But by continuing to exercise the meditation muscle both on and off the cushion, more and more of the time I found i could have glimpses of the state of non-distraction, pure naked nowness, totally freakin’ aware of the present moment...That’s definitely really amazingly cool. I just remember how it feels, or think “meditation” and most of the time it just comes.  At least when I remember to remember.