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Erric Solomon

Meditating Above the Clouds

Many times I have heard my meditation teachers talk about how the mind we discover through meditation is like the sky. All kinds of clouds can cover up the sky, but the sky itself is never harmed by them.  In the same way, although all kinds of thoughts and emotions appear in the mind, and cover it up, ultimately the true essence of our mind can never be harmed by them.  Furthermore through the practice of meditation, we can begin to see that our mind (or its essential nature) is really free of all the emotions that arise within it and find true and lasting contentment as a result.

Sogyal Rinpoche has said many times just like the sky is much bigger than the clouds that appear within it, the mind is much bigger than the thoughts and emotions that appear within it.

Here’s a video that a friend sent me a link to. It’s about the really cool engineering project that a father and his young sons put together. They sent a video camera up in a balloon 100,000 feet above the earth. Sure enough, you can see the clouds are pretty insignificant compared to the sky…