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Cultivating Emotional Intelligence with Daniel Goleman & Richard Davidson

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When trying to learn about recent advances in scientific understanding of meditation and how it affects our brain and consequently our emotional well-being, Daniel Goleman and Professor Richard Davidson are the two guys who I would want to have explain it all to me. And there is a fabulous cd or mp3 down load from More Than Sound Productions called “Training the Brain: Cultivating Emotional Intelligence” which is a conversation between Dan and Richard on just that topic.

Dan Goleman’s books on emotional intelligence have revolutionized how we think about things like emotional well-being and compassionate behaviour. For example, it was hard to find a corporate leader in Silicon Valley that hadn’t at least heard of Dan’s work.

Richard Davidson’s work at the University of Wisconsin and with the Mind and Life Institute is already legendary. Many people have seen the photos of Mingyur Rinpoche with a thousand wires coming out of his head, he was one of the test subjects in Davidson’s work. Basically, Professor Davidson catalysed the field of contemplative neuroscience and how emotions, the brain and meditation all connect.

When I was in North Hampton, Massachusetts last June, I stopped in to see Dan just to catch up.  He had to run over to More Than Sound Productions to film some promotional videos. I tagged along. Knowing my fascination with contemplative neuroscience, he pushed this CD into my hand. And, I am glad he did.

In about an hour, Richard and Dan discuss what we know about how the neural basis for emotional intelligence. Essentially explaining how we are wired and what the implications of this are. Of course the good news is that we are not only hard wired, but that we can rewire our brain, retraining our mind. This can improve our health and our interpersonal relationships.

If you are interested you can order the CD (or download) here.

Anyway, I seized the moment. There was a video camera and Dan just a few feet from where I was sitting. So I asked Dan to say a little bit more about the intersection of traditional contemplative practice and modern science. This is the result:

Daniel Goleman: Contempletive Science and the Upper Limits of Human Potential from WhatMeditationReallyIs on Vimeo.


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