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Erric Solomon

A Moscovite's view of What Meditation Really Is 2012

This is from Karén, who came all the way from Moscow, to attend the What Meditation Really Is 2012 retreat:

I have been interested in Buddhism since the age of 14 when I read my first book about it. Since that time I’ve read a lot of books but never really practised. First of all because, there are very few Buddhists in Russia, especially where I live, and I couldn’t find a master I could trust.

It will be not a big mistake to say that I was looking for the teacher and the method of practising for last 17 years. And now I think I found both.

There were also many obstacles on my way here. I missed the flight from Moscow to Paris and consequently I missed my train from Paris to Montpellier.

First I even thought that that was a sign I shouldn’t go. But I managed to finally come here and I realize that this is a precious gift I made myself for my 31st birthday.

Now I know what to do and which way to follow. As a very skeptical person I wasn’t very happy the first days but day by day my skepticism disappeared, and has been replaced with appreciation and gratefulness.

Unfortunately, there is no Rigpa in Russia but I hope one day there will be because we really need it!

Thank you a million times.