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Erric Solomon

Interview with a Buddhist Geek: Vincent Horn on how the Geeks got going

Recently, I spent almost 90 minutes on skype speaking with Vincent Horn, co-founder of Buddhist Geeks. The Buddhist Geeks podcasts are wildly popular and all kinds of unusual topics are covered through interviews of Buddhist meditators, teachers, scholars and all kinds of other fascinating people. So, I asked Vincent if we could turn the tables and have him be the subject of an interview. He readily agreed.


Here are the first two excerpts from our talk. I’ll post more soon. The first one is about the history of the Buddhist Geeks and what it means to be a Buddhist Geek. The second, is about the Wisdom 2.0 conference and a how could the tech culture support spiritual growth and is there anything about tech culture that is antithetical to spiritual growth.

At the end of the call we both expressed how much fun we had and vowed to do it again one day. Enjoy the videos.



Interview with Vincent Horn: How the Geeks got going from WhatMeditationReallyIs on Vimeo.

Vincent Horn and Erric talk about Wisdom 2.0: Spiritual Growth and Tech from WhatMeditationReallyIs on Vimeo.