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Marieke van Vugt

It's so easy to forget about being happy

It's so easy to forget about being happy http://mycrazyassshortstories.blogspot.com/2011/06/happy.html

Last weekend I listened to teachings from my teacher Sogyal Rinpoche about how happiness is in our own hands. Although we are not the creator of the circumstances in which we find ourselves, we do have a hand in how we react to these circumstances. 

While I am pretty busy, I tend to not consider myself to be very unhappy. However, these teachings pointed me to the fact that I tend to worry way more about doing things and getting things accomplished than about actually being happy. According to Sogyal Rinpoche, really every moment is a chance to be happy, and savouring these moments can actually create a tremendous space in your mind. Yet somehow it is so difficult to create these moments. 
Right after the teachings I went on the train back to where I live. The train was 20 minutes delayed, which normally would have made me very unhappy. Now with the help of these teachings I found myself being able to focus on just being on the station, enjoying reading a paper while waiting for the train, and not worrying about getting cold in the future or anything else. It resulted in me being much less cold and worried in the end, and much calmer and happier when I finally was able to enter the train. The problem is, of course, that it is so easy to forget such truths, and get caught up in worries about the future that will not be there for quite a while. How can we prevent that? I guess, referring back to my post about habits, we should remind ourselves often of the importance of savouring what is, and remembering how happiness is always there, at every moment. We can do that for example by listening to teachings about the source of real happiness, and by reminding ourselves with little note cards. I just try to remember a little smile inside me, continuously bubbling up... Or in the spirit of this Christmas time: what a precious gift is always there at my fingertips!