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Robert Thurman - Cool Revolution and the Age of Wisdom at Occupy WallStreet

Yesterday, I went back to Zuccotti Park to listen to Robert Thurman give a talk entitled: Cool Revolution and the Age of Wisdom. This is engaged Buddhist activism and Professor Thurman covers a lot of ground in a little more than an hour.  Analysis of the problems that led to the frustration that fueled the occupation, the importance of compassion and non-violence as the basis for protest, how meditation fits in, and even possible pitfalls in meditation and how to avoid them, economic theory and a lot of humor.


You can get to experience the human microphone. There is no amplification at the park. So when someone speaks, those within earshot repeat what was said so that those standing farther away can hear. It is quite amazing to realize that most of the three hundred or so people that attended the talk never could actually hear Thurman’s voice! But you can. That little microphone attached to his sweater is mine. In anycase, standing in the rain for ninety minutes brings this hour of video, which in some places is a bit jumpy because I don’t have a proper tripod. But that probably adds to a sense of “you are there”. You may also notice that people occasionally raise their hand and wiggling their fingers, that’s custom for expressing appreciation or agreement.

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