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Christian Meier

A world full of opportunities

7:35 h Sunday Morning, Montpellier Airport. I am on my way back from that very intensive meditation retreat with Sogyal Rinpoche. Sitting in a cafė in the check-in hall, an advertising banner, hanging from the ceiling, catches my eye. HSBC, one of the largest banks worldwide, tells me: "Pakistan is the world's second largest exporter of textiles." And then: "We see a world of opportunities. And you?" Without even thinking about it, the answer pops up in my mind right away: Yes, I see a world full of opportunities!

A world of innumerable opportunities for people to live together in mutual respect and with good will. With space for some personal joy and happiness, and for countries and societies that support each other, driven by the urgent wish for others having the same kind of contentment than we have. How? By establishing meditation as an integral part of everyone's lifestyle - especially for those of us who have the responsibility to make long-term decisions. To the point, where meditation becomes a way of life, a basic state of mind, underlying all our thinking, our plans and actions. Then it would become more obvious that there is not so much of a separation between us and the others, between this part of the world and another. Then maybe the headline would sound differently. Something like "Pakistan is a poor country with lots of happy people. Let's make it into a wealthy country with even more happy people." Sounds kind of romantic? Maybe. But who says it´s not possible? After this retreat I believe in it more than ever.