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Tahlia Newland

Having Nothing to Do

I never have nothing to do. There is always something awaiting my attention. I never get writers block, there is always something to write. Inspiration is never far away.

Until now.

I find myself in a top year ten Maths class without internet connection and without my computer. I brought my iPad with me, thinking I would answer some emails if the kids didn't need my attention. I left my laptop in the staffroom, but I can't connect to the Internet. Everything on my to do list requires the Internet. They're good kids. Great kids actually, they don't need my attention.

Clearly it's time to write something.

But what.


I don't know what to write. Impossible, I always know what to write.

Except now.

I guess there's a first for everything.

There's always something to do. It's called not doing. Otherwise known as meditation. Since my method of meditation is practiced with my eyes open, no one will know, so I sit and look at the class.

They chat quite a bit, but they do their work. Great kids.

I stop trying to think of something to do. I just sit.My mind clears instantly because I know the state of meditation so well. It's like welcoming an old friend, or returning home.

Out of the clarity and stillness emerges an idea.

I have something to write about. This. That's where creativity comes from - the space behind our thoughts, the space from which anything can emerge, and everything does.

The kids have finished their work. I let them play silent ball. It's blissfully silent.

I've finished this.

Now I watch them, simply watch.

How glorious to do nothing.