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Christian Meier

Meditation Really Is Compassion

Developing attention, a step towards compassion?

In the West, we often think that it is simply selfish to be sitting on a meditation cushion. There is so much suffering in the world, how can meditation be of any use to help relieve it?

In this TED talk, Daniel Goleman shows how developing our mindfulness and attention is such a key step towards compassion (see also Erric's post from 28 April).
Daniel is the author of the ground-breaking books Emotional intelligence and Social Intelligence as well as speaker at the Mind & Life Conference and at The Wisdom of Awareness
 Understanding the mind and transforming the heart through meditation, love and compassion retreat led by Sogyal Rinpoche and Tsoknyi Rinpoche.

You may have experienced that meditation develops our attention and care towards our own body and mind, well the good news is that it will also develop develop our attention and care towards others. And it can work whether stories of the Good Samaritan did it for you or not.