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Meditation really is finding out that all true spiritual paths are one

Der Seppl und die Heidi Der Seppl und die Heidi

I was born and raised in Bavaria. Yes, I know, everybody around the world who´s ever heard of that place, now thinks of Sauerkraut, Beer, Oktoberfest. (If you did think of something else, you are probably also Bavarian.) In fact, that´s all true. It´s also true that it´s a really wonderful part of Germany with huge mountains and romantic hills, lots of lakes and rivers, and in some ways I miss it. And it´s also very Roman-Catholic, nowadays, and definitely when I lived there.  That´s why  my spiritual path began as a pioneer in “What a Roman Catholic mass really can be”.


Together with a group of youngsters we kind of occupied a church in Augsburg (which is located west of Munich, for those who shouldn´t know;) and invited priests to our own “design” of Catholic masses, which was quite different from the way they normally used to be. We had guided meditations, for example, and a space for the participants to share their own insights into a topic of reflection.

But as I contemplated for myself, I found out more and more that the whole concept of a “divine authority” outside myself that I had to “please” to maybe be accepted and freed from “original sin” didn´t feel correct to me. So I left Catholicism behind and searched elsewhere.

Now, as this is a blog about meditation and not about spiritual journeys, I cut the story short and pick up the threads at the moment I found the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. During a long trainride towards the funeral of my grandmother I devoured the chapters about death and dying, and for the first time in my life I felt that somebody gave me REAL answers to what all this is about. And I was really grateful that I could actually do something at the deathbed of my grandma to help her and connect to her.

Still you might wonder, what the whole story has to do with meditation. It´s this: As I more and more meditate on my inherent goodness which is said to be the nature of my being, I find out that this fundamental “goodness” and “god” have a lot in common. With the difference that the former can only be found inside, the latter supposedly outside.

But the more and the deeper I rest during meditation in mental states like genuine love and devotion, the lesser seems to be the difference between “outside” and “inside”. And I begin to discover “the godliness within me”, as a teacher of mine expresses it.

In this sense, I feel that all true spiritual paths have the purpose, for us to re-discover that we are “children of god” and the method is trough meditation. This implies that we are VERY powerful and creative beings. Which again might threaten us – especially Bavarian guys that were told that they carry a heavy cross on their shoulders. But I have information from reliable sources that even Bavarians have a hope for enlightenment.