Tuesday, 17 April 2012 09:59

Diane: Meditation @ Work

Diane is one of the founding members of a group of business and community leaders in Australia called ‘Practical Wisdom’ and has herself been on the board of a number of large Australian public companies for over 15 years.

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(Because this site addresses compassion and how its presence can be invoked through the practice of meditation, I thought I'd come at the discussion from a different angle. Please let me and other readers on this site know what you think. Enjoy!)

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Saturday, 31 March 2012 10:05

Self-compassion is important!

I recently attended a weekend by Patrick Gaffney, who is an amazing teacher on the topic of compassion. Not surprisingly, this was what the weekend was mostly about. He defined it very beautifully as the spontaneous wisdom of the heart.

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Sunday, 25 March 2012 11:25

Memento Mori; Remembering Impermanence

The Latin words memento mori—“remember death” or “remember that you must die”—were used in ancient Rome and in medieval times to remind the people of the imminence of death and the uncertainty as to its hour or circumstances. It was also believed to have been used in Rome during parades for Roman generals celebrating victories or triumphs in battle. Walking behind the victorious general would be his slave, who was given the task of reminding the general that, although he was celebrating his victory, at any moment he could be brought down by defeat. The slave would shout the words, “Memento mori!”
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This is the second part of a “series” that started last August. Thank god (or whoever is responsible) that I didn’t become a professional series writer, with this kind of discipline I probably wouldn´t be very successful.

Last time, it was about impermanence on the level of money. (As I’m still writing about the same business, you can guess that the tides of impermanence created SOME balance on the bank account, at least so far.) This time, it is about accepting impermanence on the level of people, of working relationships. Which can be quite challenging.
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Tuesday, 13 March 2012 11:09

What Laziness Really Is

If you’re already on your cushion and working to tame your wild mind through meditation, then please congratulate yourself because you have already accomplished quite a lot.

If not, then you might want to read this…

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Saturday, 10 March 2012 19:46

Being at home while moving

I recently bought a house (for the first time ever!) and moved into it a few days ago. I was surprised at how unsettling the whole experience was, and yet, it showed me how practice helps you to be at home wherever you are. In preparation for the move, I was somewhat scared of the prospect of living out of boxes for a few days.
And then there are all the unknown things that you could be forgetting... While I spent many a meditation practice going through lists in my head of what I could be forgetting, the practice also made me more calm and settled, and confident that somehow it was going to be all right. While I am quite a nervous person, just simply sitting helped me to avoid getting too caught up in worry. After all, if you can make intercontinental moves, a move within a city shouldn't be so bad... Then as more and more boxes got packed, I was surprised to see how little I really need. What I imagined to be terrible really wasn't so bad. I was actually quite comfortable between the boxes, and life just went on.

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Roshi Joan Halifax kindly gave this interview to me from the floor of the Wisdom 2.0 conference. She is Founder, Abbot, and Head Teacher of Upaya Zen Center, a Buddhist monastery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. A Buddhist teacher, Zen priest, anthropologist, and author. Roshi is also a great human being. Enjoy the video!


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Friday, 17 February 2012 02:37

Student Spotlight: @ Work

In January, I was fortunate enough to speak to Diane Grady about meditation. Diane is one of the founding members of a group of business and community leaders in Australia called ‘Practical Wisdom’ and has herself been on the board of a number of large Australian public companies for over 15 years. The Practical Wisdom group began about 12 years ago following a dharma talk given by Sogyal Rinpoche at the Australian School of Management and a question he posed: “Is this relevant to business?” The response was an overwhelming “Yes” and since then the Practical Wisdom group has gathered each year to receive further teachings on meditation and Buddhist wisdom. In addition, the group also now meets for a few hours each month to practise meditation together.

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Friday, 10 February 2012 19:46

Verbal Courage Transforms the World

As many of us have experienced, it can be hard to speak with family and friends about our meditation practice. And yet it is so important to be able to speak about what we believe and to do it with courage.

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