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The Real Essence of Meditation on Video

Reading Ian’s inspiring post on Mingyur Rinpoche's explanation of the  “The Real Essence of Meditation” reminded me of teachings that Mingyur Rinpoche gave in his public talk in Lerab Ling, 11 September 2010 on “Calming the Mind: The Practice of Awareness Meditation”.


In this teaching Mingyur Rinpoche explained the essence of meditation in a way that is very similar to the one that Ian shared with us. I very vividly remember how he made sounds with a meditation gong to demonstrate how we can understand what awareness is. It left a deep impact on me and really helped me understand better what meditation is about. The reason I mention this is because the event was streamed live world wide, the video is also available for your enjoyment on the video streaming archive page of the Rigpa website!  Don’t miss it!

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Tuesday, 15 March 2011 05:36

The Real Essence of Meditation

Just last weekend in Nepal, I attended a public teaching on meditation with a well-known young Tibetan teacher at a picturesque temple situated in the hills above Kathmandu. The following extract comes from memory, but I thought it would be worth sharing.

“What is the essence of meditation?” asked Mingyur Rinpoche, with eyes twinkling and a smile ready to break across his face.

A variety of creative answers drifted back from the audience, which was made up of about 100 people: Americans, Tibetans, Chinese, and Europeans, all packed into a colorful medium-sized shrine room on a comfortably cool morning.

After listening to several honorable attempts to answer his question, Rinpoche continued, “Those are all good answers. But, the real essence of meditation is...

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Thursday, 10 March 2011 13:57

Mothering Our Meditation

Ahh, meditation. What a luxury to experience, just for a moment, the profound inner peace that may come with a simple practice like watching the breath.
If you’re a parent and reading this, then you are likely to agree that parenting our little ones introduces each of us to the myriad states of mind that are possible in the human condition. It wasn’t until I became a mother, that I experienced the fathomless depth of possible emotions.

Something quantitatively different began to stir in my mind once I began the parenting journey. Psychology tells us that it is the function of the limbic brain, where our survival responses dwell as well as our emotions and our sheer biological function to protect and rear our young. It just happens that we become emotionally activated through parenting. Does meditation help us to manage our emotions?  Practicing meditation while on this rollercoaster ride of parenting has most definitely provided me (and continues to do so) with a stable and spacious ground from which to raise a family.


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Wednesday, 09 March 2011 11:09

The value of silence

Imagine for 8 days you have no mobile, no television, no email, no mp3 player, no radio, no newspaper, no Internet and you are not supposed to talk at all except once a day. You spend these 8 days in a retreat place sorrounded by a lovely countryside together with a few others in complete silence.

Would you be willing to participate in such an experiment, to see what effect silence or more precisely a full week spent in silent contemplation and meditation has on you?

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Wednesday, 02 March 2011 22:10

Extreme meditation: watching football

Two of my favourite things in life are meditation and football.


I know what you’re thinking—the two don’t exactly share much common ground. Meditation is all about solitude, stillness and silence, a spiritual odyssey that brings you up close and personal with your own mind, so that you can get to know how it works and emerge a calmer, kinder and more healthy human being.

Football, on the other hand, is about speed, conflict and emotion, a physical test that brings you up close and personal with a group of sweaty, competitive and often aggressive individuals, and where winning is pretty much all that matters.

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Wednesday, 16 February 2011 04:10

What is Your Mind Like?

A few weeks ago I travelled to South Asia to investigate something I know very little about:

My own mind.

After a couple long flights and a dusty taxi ride, I arrived at a small retreat center in Nepal. In no time I discovered that the internet has indeed made its way to every corner of the globe and that I could still get online. So with great excitement I checked e-mail, BBC World News and half a dozen other sites including, of course, the latest college basketball scores. However, after an hour or two, I remembered my mission, closed facebook and skype, shut my computer, and sat down…for quite a while.

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Tuesday, 08 February 2011 21:26

What is meditation really?

What is meditation really?

On this site you won’t find a single answer. Instead what you will find is a way to connect with people who meditate.

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Wednesday, 02 February 2011 13:58

What meditation is not

The Tibetan teacher Mingyur Rinpoche says meditation is not about blissing out, or blocking our thoughts and emotions.

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Monday, 10 January 2011 12:00

1 What is meditation?

Welcome to our 10-step introduction to meditation.

We recommend that you go through steps 1-10 in order, but you can set your own pace, and repeat each step as many times as you want before you move on to the next one.


Any questions?

If you want to ask any questions, or share your experiences and insights, you can visit our forum at any time

Now move on to
step 2: why meditate?

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9 Angeleitete Meditation

Da du jetzt mit der grundlegenden Meditationshaltung vertraut bist und auch mit den Methoden, in denen man sich auf den Atem oder ein Objekt konzentriert, kommt nun eine einfache angeleitete Meditation, der du folgen kannst.

Du kannst dir dies so oft anhören wie du möchtest und wenn es dir hilft, kannst du es auch in deiner täglichen Meditationspraxis verwenden.

Download Name Play Size Length
download The Posture

1.4 MB 2:32 min
download Watching the Breath

2.7 MB 4:57 min
download Watching an Object

2.8 MB 5:17 min

Download der Dateien: Rechtsklick auf die grünen Pfeile (bei Mac auch Strg +Klick)


Noch Fragen?

Wenn du Fragen hast oder von deinen Erfahrungen und Einsichten berichten möchtest, kannst du jederzeit unser Forum besuchen

Mache nun weiter mit dem letzten Schritt: Meditation im täglichen Leben

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