Dear Rinpoche,

When I first got here to Lerab Ling, I thought this retreat would be a cakewalk. I mean, so easy. I’d walk around in the sunshine, enjoy the beauty of the hills, get some meditation tips, slide into that peaceful zone, it’d be great.

I’d done a retreat that was really hard, a 10 day vipassana course in Pune, India. 10 days of silence, 10 hours per day of meditation, no airconditioning … that was hard. Compared to that, I thought this one would be Club Med.

But then I got here… and it wasn’t Club Med at all. I was having a really hard time! I was distracted, I was itchy, I didn’t feel happy, there was no peaceful zone … and I couldn’t understand what was going on.

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Sogyal Rinpoche inspires us to begin the day by integrating our practice, even at the breakfast table!

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Monday, 04 July 2011 19:42

The Wisdom of Awareness

I just got back to France after giving a couple of talks in NYC and then attending The Wisdom of Awareness retreat in Garrison.

The retreat was led by Sogyal Rinpoche and Tsoknyi Rinpoche and had guest speakers: Patrick Gaffney, Dan Goleman, Tara Bennett-Goleman and Sharon Salzberg.

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Wednesday, 22 June 2011 15:48

Non-judgemental awareness

Sogyal Rinpoche says that meditation is really a process of non-judgemental awareness.


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Tuesday, 08 March 2011 17:58

Peace & Contentment

Sogyal Rinpoche offers advice on how to find inner peace and contentment.


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Monday, 07 March 2011 18:17

Meditation in everyday lives

Sogyal Rinpoche explains how we can integrate meditation into our everyday lives


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Monday, 07 March 2011 18:04

Getting to know your own mind

Sogyal Rinpoche explains how we can integrate meditation into our everyday lives.

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Wednesday, 02 February 2011 14:12

Learning how to be

Sogyal Rinpoche says the secret of meditation is learning how to be with yourself—and not thinking too much.

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Thursday, 27 January 2011 14:11

No more soap operas

The biggest dramas are often the ones we create in our own head. Sogyal Rinpoche explains that we can choose what we do with our mind.

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Thursday, 20 January 2011 14:29

Settling the mind

Sogyal Rinpoche explains that the essence of meditation is very simple.

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